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Iseen Health & Medical Services Pte Ltd is a professional company that integrates global high-end medical resources with the aim of providing customers with premium and comfortable health care service. Currently, the company offers an array of services out of Singapore, which include global medical tourism, hospital treatment and consultation with prominent doctors as well as customized and personalized medical treatment. Its geographical coverage includes Singapore, Germany, Japan, Korea and China. At the same time, Iseen also offers health care service by family doctors in China, where professional doctors provide convenient healthcare treatments, medical treatments and protection services to local customers. Join our premium health tour, and enjoy high-end health care and unforgettable medical tourism!

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Iseen Medical (Singapore) is a one-stop medical service provider in Singapore that serves clients in Asia region. We work with private hospital groups such as Parkway Health, Raffles Medical Group, Mount Elizabeth Hospital and many other specialist centres to service our international clients. We also refer appropriate specialists from Singapore, China and other countries according to the needs and requirements of our clients.

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