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Equipment & Facilities

Iseen Medical (Singapore) is a one-stop medical service provider in Singapore that serves clients in Asia region. We work with private hospital groups such as Parkway Health, Raffles Medical Group, Mount Elizabeth Hospital and many other specialist centres to service our international clients.

  • Nuclear Medicine

    Nuclear Medicine is a medical specialty that uses minute quantities of radioactive material or radiopharmaceuticals (tracers) to diagnose or treat diseases.

  • Coronary Angiogram

    A coronary angiogram is a special x-ray test where radio-opaque dye is injected into the Coronary Arteries of the heart to find out if there are any blockages in these arteries.

  • BMD

    BMD is most often used to diagnose osteoporosis. Osteoporosis, which means “porous bone” is a disease in which there is a loss of bone tissue.

  • PET-MR

    PET-MR fully integrates two modalities, with different functional methodologies that provide complementary information for the diagnosis and understanding of disease, especially cancers.

  • Director Yue, (43)

    I am a workaholic and I invest a lot of energy, both physically and mentally in doing business, as business is part of my life. I could not really recall whether it started from year 2009 or year 2010 that I had to work late until 2am and had to engage in frequent social drinking. I felt discomfort in my heart when I wake up in the morning. The body function of a human being would start to decline once one reaches 40 years old and I immediately felt that I was in the period of risky age!

  • Director Guo, (34 years old)

    I attend health checkups on a yearly basis and the examinations were expensive and detailed but I’ve never checked on thyroid gland because it was never a body part that I’m very concerned about. To be honest, I didn’t even know where the thyroid glands are. After my enrollment into ISEEN and underwent health checkup, I was found to have a nodule that is smaller than the size of a green bean on my thyroid gland.

  • Director Yan, (57 years old)

    I had a half-year period of occasional hematochezia and I was worried about it. Upon enrolment, the family doctor suggested that I do a colonoscopy. However, I kept delaying the checkup as I’ve heard that doing colonoscopy is quite uncomfortable.

  • Director Wang, (60 years old)

    I pay more attention to my health as I grow older and I would go for full body checkup twice year, for the purpose of understanding my current body condition and to check for any hidden issues. When I enrolled in ISEEN in 2010, the family doctor took two days to sort out the 14 health reports that I’ve received over the past 7 yeas and four problems were raised and found


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