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Case D: Client – Director Yue (43)

I am a workaholic and I invest a lot of energy, both physically and mentally in doing business, as business is part of my life. I could not really recall whether it started from year 2009 or year 2010 that I had to work late until 2am and had to engage in frequent social drinking. I felt discomfort in my heart when I wake up in the morning.  The body function of a human being would start to decline once one reaches 40 years old and I immediately felt that I was in the period of risky age!

In 2009, while I was overseas, I received a call from a family that my father-in-law had passed away due to myocardial infarction. My wife was wailing on the phone and I had to rush back overnight. When I met her at the airport, she was still in so much pain and sadness! We also felt that life is very fragile and it could crumble anytime under a disease. What I learnt from this incident is that being healthy is not just a personal matter; it means a lot to my family members, and it means a lot to my business as well. It would be a loss to the society too if I were to depart from this world due to illness! I think that life is very simple as it just passes by year after year. However, if one wanted to continue to walk effortlessly on the path of life, one would have to manage it like how a business is managed. We have always hoped to grow our businesses into a century enterprise; therefore, we should manage our health just like how we manage our business.

I applaud the concepts and principles adopted by ISEEN, that health is all about having to constantly monitor during normal times, eliminating any problem at the initial stage and to cultivate a healthy lifestyle!

More people are paying attention on health. As the mode of doing business is slowly changing, people begin to understand that one can make friends without engaging in drinking activities.

Let’s shape a healthy body and live a life without regret!

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