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Iseen Health & Medical Services Pte Ltd is a professional company that integrates global high-end medical resources with the aim of providing customers with premium and comfortable health care service. Currently, the company offers an array of services out of Singapore, which include global medical tourism, hospital treatment and consultation with prominent doctors as well as customized and personalized medical treatment. Its geographical coverage includes Singapore, Germany, Japan, Korea and China. At the same time, Iseen also offers health care service by family doctors in China, where professional doctors provide convenient healthcare treatments, medical treatments and protection services to local customers. Join our premium health tour, and enjoy high-end health care and unforgettable medical tourism!

Case A: Client – Director Wang (60 years old)

I pay more attention to my health as I grow older and I would go for full body checkup twice year, for the purpose of understanding my current body condition and to check for any hidden issues. When I enrolled in ISEEN in 2010, the family doctor took two days to sort out the 14 health reports that I’ve received over the past 7 yeas and four problems were raised and found:

Firstly, my hyperthyroidism condition has already escalated to hypothyroidism and yet I did not know about it and I was continuing with my hyperthyroidism medications.   If it were not for ISEEN, I would still have been taking the wrong medication.

Secondly, the doctors at ISEEN found out that I was suffering from diabetes, and all this while I thought it was just impaired fasting glucose.

Thirdly, although I was always on blood pressure medications, my blood pressure had never reached the standard level. I felt that I would be fine if I was on constant medication. However, the effect is not satisfactory. With the purpose to maintain the optimal level of dosage, the family doctor helped me to made adjustment to the medication and made adjustment to the dosage of medicine after a period of observation and monitoring. By doing this, it can ensure the desired medical result and reduce possible side effects.

Lastly, I was tested to have abnormal carcinoembryonic antigen for all of the 14 health checkups in the past 7 years. The cause of this abnormality could not be found and I was worried. The family doctor suggested me to go for PETCT as this medical imaging technique is able to detect canceration. Early treatment is needed if there is and I will be relieved if there isn’t.

After communicating with the family doctor, I definitely understand the value and benefit of having one for myself. If I want to look for a doctor, regardless of his expertise and specialization, the office would be able to help me find one. However, ISEEN’s service is the most systematic one. All of the issues mentioned above went noticed by the previous doctors!

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