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Case B: Client – Director Yan (57 years old)

I had a half-year period of occasional hematochezia and I was worried about it. Upon enrolment, the family doctor suggested that I do a colonoscopy. However, I kept delaying the checkup as I’ve heard that doing colonoscopy is quite uncomfortable. During this period of time, I had also consulted my friend who is a doctor, who claimed that the condition was just hemorrhoid and there was nothing to be worried about, except that I should pay attention to my daily diets! The family doctor had communicated with me time and again on the rationale of doing this checkup and eventually I’ve agreed to do colonoscopy. After the checkup, 6 adenomas were discovered and having diagnosed with adenoma means that I have precancerous lesion.

As I discovered this condition in time, I was able to eliminate the hidden peril by undergoing endoscopic resection operation.

I wish more people would learn valuable lessons from my experience. Due to the fact that family doctors usually think from the perspective of disease prevention. Their main focus is to help us to stay healthy by early detection of any health issues and daily healthcare. This is entirely different from medical treatment by the doctor when one has already fallen ill!

After this incident I’ve persuaded a friend to enroll.  However, he was diagnosed with a terminal intestinal cancer on the first health checkup.  I was told if he had undergone prior medical checkup, he would then be able to detect the symptoms earlier and get the necessary medical treatment just like I did.

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